Requesting Help: A Pup’s Battle to Move with a Bulky Growth on Her Limb

It’s hard to put into words the rescue I witnessed, not because it was physically challenging, but because it was emotionally heartbreaking. The dog had been enduring immense pain for months, as evidenced by the enormous tumor on its body. You could tell from the way she acted that she lived in constant fear and discomfort. Witnessing such a helpless creature in so much agony was truly heart-wrenching.

The rescue of Alma was an intense moment, as everyone scrambled to save her with much commotion. Upon further examination, it was discovered that she had an object on her leg. Viktor Larkhill’s team worked relentlessly to recover Alma and provide her with the essential care she needed as a young dog who had been experiencing unbearable pain for many months.

The lady dog we’re talking about has experienced pain as a part of her life, and even had a brush with being shot as well. Still, despite everything she’s gone through, she deserves recognition for being a beautiful and tenacious creature! Currently, we’re eagerly awaiting Alma’s biopsy results and CT scan to see how best we can help her. For the time being, she’s under our constant care at the hospital, where we clean and dress her tumor every day. Though Alma may seem tough, we’ve noticed that she understands we’re here to help and has even allowed us to feed her by hand. We promise to do whatever it takes to save her life while making sure her leg is preserved. You can trust us to provide all the care and attention Alma needs.

Alma is presently undergoing medical treatment at the hospital and has been slated for surgery towards the tail end of the week. The medical practitioners have a hunch that she is suffering from liposarcoma, however, it’s a relief that there are no indications of metastasis. The veterinary professionals are putting in their best efforts to rescue her limb.

When we gave Alma her first bath, it was quite a challenge for all of us. Unfortunately, she still gets frightened, but we were able to get rid of years of accumulated grime and neglect. It was crucial that she received proper care before undergoing surgery. Although we’re getting closer to the day of her operation, we’re waiting for her anemia to improve a little more. The vet suspects that Alma has a liposarcoma, which is far from ideal, but we’re hopeful that this amazing community can help save her limb. We’re committed to doing everything we can to save her, with your generous support.

Alma has some exciting news to share! Her life is soon going to change for the better. She has been approved for surgery after passing an echocardiography test, and she is currently undergoing the procedure. You can join in tomorrow to watch the entire operation and witness her journey. With the successful removal of the lump, Alma will no longer suffer from pain and discomfort. Although she still needs to undergo chemotherapy and rehabilitation to fully recover, she is on the path to become her lively self once again.

Looking to stay informed about Alma’s latest events and news? Check out Viktor Larkhill’s YouTube channel!

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