“Rescued Feline Reunites with Long-Lost Lookalike Brother: A Heartwarming Tale of Obsession”

On June 26th, a fortunate turn of events saved the life of Unagi, a tiny kitten who was about to be put down. After spotting his picture on a shelter website, a woman recognized him as the spitting image of her beloved cat, Suzume. Realizing that time was running out for Unagi, she took a day off work and rushed over to the animal control center in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan just before the deadline for adoptions. Excited to have a new playmate, Suzume welcomed Unagi into his new home and they quickly became the best of friends. As a rescue cat himself, Suzume understands the importance of love and care for animals in need. Check out their Instagram page for more adorable photos of this inseparable pair!

Fortunately, Unagi has a new addition to his family – a brother who bears a striking resemblance to him.

Initially, Unagi experienced fear and opted to remain inside his carrier.

Similar to Unagi, Suzume was also an adopted kitten. Hence, he was well versed in the ways to take care of his new sibling.

As soon as their eyes met, they exchanged friendly gestures while keeping a safe distance.

After Suzume’s sincere attempts to create a welcoming environment, Unagi eventually warmed up to her and they established a comfortable relationship.

Suzume is excited to get to know Unagi better, so the two of them spend a lot of time doing various activities together.

Unagi is constantly shadowing Suzume to the point where they have completely forgotten what the concept of “privacy” even means.

Unagi has a talent for fitting himself into even the tightest spaces. It doesn’t matter how small the area may be, he always manages to find a way to make it work.

Whenever they’re having a bath, snuggling up, or playing together, it’s always a special moment that brings them closer.

Sometimes Unagi can be a bit too attached, but Suzume doesn’t seem to mind.

They enjoy each other’s company immensely.

They will forever have each other’s backs, similar to the bond shared by true siblings.


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