Reviving Disabled Dogs: The Heartwarming Mission of a Thai Animal Shelter

Undoubtedly, heartwarming tales of rescuing various animals from the streets are delightful and demonstrate that there are still kind-hearted individuals in our world. However, the achievements of a Thai animal sanctuary in providing care for animals with specific needs are truly remarkable.

Amidst the global crisis, numerous creatures are left stranded without homes or families, and many more are born on the streets. Unfortunately, Thailand has its own peculiar issue to deal with as well. Unlike other cultures, the Thai society is not accustomed to interacting with homeless animals. As a result, an alarming number of animals are abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the streets.

Even though these particular animals are often neglected, someone in Thailand has taken it upon themselves to take care of them.

Michael J. Baines, a chef from Sweden who lives in Thailand, decided to help homeless animals and built a safe haven for them. Michael is one of the founders and currently serves as the president of The Man That Rescues Dogs, an animal rescue organization located in Chon Buri.

Ever since he embarked on his amazing career, he has successfully rescued more than 2,000 animals, comprising cats and dogs, from the streets. What sets our sanctuary apart is our expertise in nursing injured animals back to health and giving them a chance to live anew.

At first, Michael simply started by providing food to the homeless animals on the streets. However, upon realizing the dire state that many of these animals were in, he made the decision to construct a sanctuary. This was no small undertaking, as the shelter now houses more than six hundred animals. Nevertheless, Michael and his friends managed to pull it off despite the difficulties.

Chris Chidichimo, along with his top aide and a team of 30 other employees, are dedicated to the care and wellbeing of the animals under their watch at the shelter. However, their roles extend beyond just caring for rescued cats and dogs; they also handle any unexpected challenges that arise as a rescue organization on a daily basis.

According to Chris, who spoke to Bored Panda, the toughest challenge is handling unexpected situations. Their daily routine comprises of activities like dining, strolling, tidying up, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy. Despite this, they need to be flexible, which is quite a daunting task.

The shelter’s daily routine kicks off with a morning walk for all the animals, including our furry friends on wheelchairs. They are then treated to a satisfying meal, followed by an opportunity to do their business and tidy up.

In addition, a mobile eatery departs at the crack of dawn to provide sustenance for the local population of 350 canines without shelter.

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