“Roadside Marvel: A Rare and Stunning Kitten’s Discovery Amazes All with Its Unique Fur”

Let us introduce you to Janie, the latest internet sensation. Janie is a cute little kitten that was rescued a few months ago after being found abandoned on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. People love her because of her adorable appearance and her uniquely-colored fur that makes her look like a tiny raccoon.
After being rescued, Janie was taken to Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue where she showed her active and vocal personality despite weighing only 82 grams. Melissa, the founder of the rescue, had a plan to keep Janie in an incubator for two weeks, bottle-feed her, and then introduce her to June, a cat mommy who was rescued as a pregnant cat a few weeks before. The plan worked, and now Janie is a healthy and active kitten loved by thousands of people all around the world.
Janie’s silver coat that captured everyone’s attention is called a “fever coat” and usually occurs when the mother is ill during pregnancy. Although there is nothing dangerous about it, Janie will probably lose the color once she grows up.
If you’re looking for a dose of cuteness, check out Janie’s adorable photos. We also had a chance to ask Melissa some interesting questions, so make sure to read her answers below.

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