“Rottweiler Breaks British Record with 15 Adorable Puppies in One Litter – Proud Mama Dog Makes History!”

A Rottweiler named Jessie, owned by Eleanor Usher in Britain, has broken records by giving birth to fifteen puppies, which is the second-highest litter recorded in the country. The two-year-old dog surprised Usher, who was initially expecting only five puppies. Usher’s husband, Ian, has created a temporary bed for the newborns, who will be sold in six to eight weeks. Despite having a large litter, Jessie is fiercely independent and is not allowing anyone else to feed her puppies. The pups spend their nights cuddling each other and nursing from their mother. Jessie is also taking care of the Usher’s seven-year-old cat, named Mini.

Jessie deserves much appreciation for being an outstanding caretaker to her litter of 15 charming puppies.

The recent litter born in Britain is quite impressive as it is one of the largest known. (Image courtesy of SWNS)

A recent photo published by SWNS shows that the newborn puppies are being fed in a continuous cycle. The mother of the puppies, Eleanor, was taken aback when she heard scratching sounds at the bottom of the stairs on Sunday at 1:50 am. Jessie, her dog, had given birth to one puppy under the stairs and another one in her bed without their owners’ knowledge. Eleanor and her partner, Ian, were amazed at the process and decided to watch it closely. They did not have an ultrasound as it was too expensive, so they expected six to eight puppies. When Jessie gave birth to the sixth puppy, Eleanor told her to stop because she had done enough.

The adorable puppies are comfortably nestled together in a warm and inviting bed that was made using whatever materials were at hand.

If you’re interested in buying one of these adorable puppies, please join the organized line. They’ll be ready for sale in about six to eight weeks. The mother surprised everyone by giving birth to a whopping eleven puppies without needing any help from the owners. It was truly amazing to see them all come out with ease. The owners were in complete shock because this number exceeded the previous UK record of eighteen puppies. At one point, they thought the count could reach twenty! Luckily, the birthing process ended around 8 am. Two of the puppies have already been named Daisy and Walter, but the rest are still waiting for their official names since they look very similar.

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