Rottweiler Makes History with 15 Adorable Pups, Setting a New Record for One of the Largest Litters in Britain!

A Rottweiler named Jessie in Britain has given birth to one of the largest litters ever recorded in the country. Jessie surprised her owner, Eleanor Usher, by delivering fifteen puppies, which is the second highest number of pups ever born in Britain. Initially, Usher was only expecting five puppies. The owner’s husband, Ian, has created a makeshift bed for the litter, and they will be sold in six to eight weeks. Jessie is fiercely protective of her puppies and refuses to let anyone else feed them. The litter spends their nights cuddled together while constantly feeding from their mother. In addition to caring for her pups, Jessie is also looking after the Usher’s seven-year-old cat, Mini.

Jessie has been a fantastic mother to her litter of 15 cute puppies. Her caretaking skills have been exceptional.

The recent litter born in Britain is considered to be one of the biggest ones on record. (Visual: SWNS)

A recent photo published by SWNS showcases a continuous cycle of feeding for newly born puppies. The mother of the puppies, Eleanor, who resides in Telford, Shropshire, was surprised when she heard scratching sounds at the bottom of the stairs on Sunday at 1:50 am. She soon discovered that her dog, Jessie, had given birth to one puppy under the stairs and another one in her bed without their knowledge. Eleanor and her partner, Ian, were astonished by what they saw and decided to observe the process closely. They had not gotten an ultrasound because it was too expensive, so they anticipated the birth of six to eight puppies. When Jessie gave birth to the sixth puppy, Eleanor told her to stop because she had already done enough.

The cute puppies are comfortably nestled in a warm bed made from any possible materials at hand.

If you’re interested in buying one of our adorable puppies, please form an orderly queue! We were absolutely stunned by the size of the litter – the mother seemed to just keep on giving! But despite our fears, the birth was surprisingly smooth and easy. In fact, we didn’t even need to intervene at all! When all was said and done, we counted a whopping eleven puppies – that’s more than the previous UK record of eighteen! We were worried that there might be even more on the way, but thankfully, everything wrapped up around 8 am. We’ve already named the smallest and largest pups Daisy and Walter, but we’re still working on monikers for the rest, since they all look so similar. The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes in about six to eight weeks, so make sure you get in line early!

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