Saving a Feline Life: A Heartwarming Tale of a Heroic Rescue from the Middle of the Road

Picture a massive car, much larger than a cat, zooming along at high speeds with a driver who may not always spot an animal crossing the road. Unfortunately, Hermes was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was hit by the car. It was a close call, but Hermes luckily survived the accident. Thanks to some compassionate individuals, he was quickly rescued and taken to the “Mushka” medical facility for treatment.

Upon arrival at the vet clinic, it was discovered that Hermes had suffered a severe injury resulting in a compound fracture of the pelvis. The veterinarians had to carefully piece together his fragmented bones. Looking at photos from this time can be quite unsettling. Nevertheless, the staff at the adoption center are undeterred by challenging cases and remain committed to helping animals in need.

Despite feeling like all efforts were futile and wanting to quit, we persisted in providing Hermes with the necessary treatment and care until his physical health was fully restored. However, we couldn’t help but wonder about the state of his emotional well-being after the traumatic experience.

As human beings, we all understand the fear and trauma that can come from a bad dream. Now, imagine what it must be like for a cat who doesn’t even realize what happened to them, like Hermes, who had a close encounter with a car. Unfortunately, Hermes has become quite timid and untrusting of humans after his experience, making it difficult to form a bond with him.

We were a bit apprehensive about finding a suitable host for our beloved Hermes when we posted an advertisement. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we were proven wrong. It didn’t take us long to find the perfect owner for our cat. A resident of Petersburg was immediately smitten with Hermes’ photo and wasted no time in traveling to Moscow to bring home their new furry companion.

We had a hard time guessing how fast Hermes would adjust to his new surroundings, but we soon learned one thing for sure: timid cats interact more comfortably when they have other family members around.

Hermes went through a similar experience where he initially felt scared and hid from his new owners. However, after meeting another cat on the third day, Hermes began to feel more comfortable and started exploring his new surroundings. Eventually, Hermes became the master of the house and you can see it in his playful demeanor captured in the photo. Nowadays, Hermes looks peaceful and embodies all the qualities of a true feline.

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