The Amazing Metamorphosis: A Touching Story of a Saved Cat with Unique Frog-Like Eyes

Meet Oomi, a courageous feline who has been saved recently and is now in a battle for her life. Her eyes are distinct as they resemble those of a frog, which adds to her charm and individuality. Even with the obstacles she encounters, Oomi proves to be a fighter who refuses to give up easily.


About a month ago, a wee little kitty, just four weeks old and with unusually large peepers, was delivered to the ASPCA Kitten Nursery in NYC. The kitten was fragile and needed special care. Ceren, one of the caretakers, shared that it was brought to their front desk and then handed over to her team. They quickly noticed its oversized eyes, which resembled a frog’s due to an untreated bacterial infection. Once the kitten stabilized, Ceren took it home to foster. She and her fiancé Anthony were smitten with the furball from the first night as it craved attention and loved being held.


During her time working in medicine, Cerna would often take extra time to snuggle with her cat. She found the feline’s positive attitude and contagious “pawsitivity” to be incredibly endearing, leading to a strong bond between them. Recognizing that her cat was special, Cerna chose to delay the adoption process.


Oomi had to visit the vet numerous times, and it was finally discovered that her eyes required surgery. However, because she needed to reach a certain level of maturity prior to the operation, it didn’t impede her daily activities. In fact, she thoroughly enjoys climbing up any surface she can get a grip on!


There was a time when a tortoise had an eye injury, and its caretakers quickly took it to the hospital. Despite the caretakers’ concerns, the little tortoise remained composed and content, purring as if nothing was wrong. This greatly calmed their nerves. Following the operation, the small tortoise, known as Oomi, snuggled up to its caretaker and began to purr, demonstrating its resilience and ability to recover.


After going through the necessary steps, it seems that Oomi has fully recovered and is back to her normal self with no signs of discomfort. Cerna shared that the veterinarian who performed the surgery was impressed by how quickly Oomi bounced back. This quick recovery is unprecedented for a kitten who had just undergone surgery. Though she has lost her sight, Oomi has adapted well to the change and does not display any visible signs of distress or unease.


As Oomi embarks on a new phase of her life, she can now say goodbye to her worries about the rain and getting sick. Despite her lively persona, she still takes comfort in nursing, a habit she does every morning by suckling on my chin and neck to rouse me up. Oomi loves playing around, but she also takes pleasure in snuggling with us during gaming or TV sessions. Her spirited disposition is evident in her cheerful chirping whenever we come home.


Meet Oomi, an adorable kitty who loves to accompany her owner Cerena to the kitchen, hoping to get a little treat. Despite her blindness, Oomi is full of energy and runs around and plays with toys with great accuracy. It’s truly incredible to see how she has memorized every inch of her home and effortlessly navigates through it. Watching her move around is like witnessing a secret superpower in action!


Although Oomi may be small in stature, her compassionate heart knows no limits. Even the bravest warriors find solace in their cherished stuffed bunnies from time to time.


Currently, Oomi is relishing every moment of her life and astonishing her caretakers with her adaptability. The pair recently gave shelter to Oomi in their residence, and after just one week, they have already decided to keep her as a permanent family member. One of the owners faced various medical problems and endured a car accident in July, leading to several physical and emotional difficulties. Thankfully, Oomi has become a consistent source of happiness and amusement for her, coming into her life at an opportune time.


The next time you come across something that’s troubling you, remember the incredible story of a small kitten’s fight for survival and share it with your friends. A dedicated mother cat in the bustling city of New York was doing everything she could to protect her four kittens from danger even though they were strays. She had taken refuge with her little ones in a filthy backyard and was constantly worried about their safety. However, thanks to a rescue group, the family received the help they needed to turn their lives around for good.

Little Wanderers NYC is a renowned rescue organization situated in New York City that focuses on rescuing cats from the toughest areas of the city. They were recently notified of a mother cat and her four kittens in distress in the Bronx and immediately took action to save them.

Ariana, a dedicated volunteer at Little Wanderers, went above and beyond to rescue a stray cat family. Despite her tireless efforts scouring the neighborhood, locating the family proved to be quite challenging. Eventually, she was able to spot the kittens but the mother cat was too scared to follow Ariana. Although she was able to save the little ones, Ariana felt that the mother cat deserved equal protection as she had worked hard to keep her babies safe. Determined to ensure the safety of the entire family, Ariana pledged to continue her efforts.

Before leaving the area and ensuring the safety of the kittens, Ariana set up a trap that would capture the stray cat in a humane manner. She planned to come back the next day, hoping to save the cat.

Ariana returned the next day and was overjoyed to see that the stray cat had been captured unscathed and secured. She took the feline with her, excited to reunite her with her little ones who had been taken good care of by Antionette, a volunteer at the rescue center.

Antionette decided to adopt some lovely kittens and provided them with proper attention by cleaning them, getting rid of fleas, and feeding them well. Despite being street cats, the kittens took pleasure in being pampered and were full of life as they roamed around their new home. However, there was an added bonus when Antionette rescued their mother who was initially hesitant but was overjoyed when reunited with her little ones. The kittens were ecstatic to see their mother again and rushed towards her with excitement.

The rescuers of a homeless cat named her Remony. She was quite timid and took some time to warm up to humans. Antoinette, who shared her story with Love Meow, mentioned that Remony seemed comfortable but needed more time to acclimate to human interaction. Meanwhile, four cute kittens – Savannah, Sterling, Sutton, and Silas – were also rescued and are relishing their new environment.

At present, Remony and her litter of kittens are thriving in their foster home. They’re becoming braver and more energetic with each passing day, reveling in the countless adventures their new surroundings have to offer. Luckily, their foster family is providing them with all the necessary care and support, putting Remony’s mind at ease knowing that her little ones are in good hands. The kittens are ecstatic to be reunited with their loving mom and are enjoying every moment of their playful and secure environment.

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