The Feline’s Journey to Shedding Pounds: Starting from Homelessness to Self-Sufficiency

Wilford, a huge cat, had made his way to an animal shelter with the desire to start anew and have a better life.

Meet Wilford, an 8-year-old cat with a fascinating personality that was left at a shelter when his previous owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. In his new abode, he was in a sorry state with tangled fur, grime, and an unhealthy weight. Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation came to the rescue of this poor creature, providing him with medical attention and a foster home. Jen, one of the kind volunteers at the rescue group, described Wilford as a charming cat, full of love and affection, but also anxious and bewildered by the recent changes in his life. Despite all he had been through, he remained receptive to love and attention from anyone willing to give it to him.

Currently, Wilford weighs 28 pounds, which is quite far from his ideal weight of 14 pounds. However, shedding off the excess weight won’t be an overnight success story as it will take several years to achieve. Before commencing his weight loss journey, our beloved furry companion had to combat a few health concerns initially. He underwent several consultations with the veterinarian for proper treatment and additional medical attention until his condition became stable.

After gaining his strength, Wilford’s companions began helping him in his progressive weight loss journey. Their objective is for him to shed half of his body weight. He’s a pleasant individual and they value the moments they spend with him. (Watch video below)

Jen has discovered a wet food that is now a staple in Wilford’s diet. She has observed that Wilford has quite an affinity for catnip and toys that are made from it. Despite his limited mobility, he still enjoys playing with the feather wand and can be motivated to swat at it. This is a great way to incorporate some physical activity into his routine.

When Wilford feels at ease, he loves to lie on his back for some relaxation. As per Jen, he enjoys this position and can easily switch to it without any trouble. Moreover, Wilford has a significant purring ability that starts instantly when someone pets him.

Meet Wilford, a full-grown feline with a youthful spirit and an irresistible charm. This furry friend is always eager to play with his favorite toy, showing off his adorable antics that will surely warm your heart. You can catch a glimpse of Wilford’s delightful behavior in the video linked here: According to his owner, Jen, Wilford remains affectionate and lovable despite facing some difficulties along the way. He delights in being petted and emits loud purring sounds that can be heard from afar.

Wilford is a cute feline who takes pleasure in the company of people and has an affinity for cuddling up in a warm lap whenever he can. During mealtime, he moves with lightning speed, and not even a flight of stairs can deter him from reaching his food. Petting Wilford is a delightful and soothing experience. It warms the heart to see him unwind and relish the attention. Wilford’s love for being petted makes him an ideal candidate for a therapy cat.

The cute kitty is always in a happy state and getting more lively and playful as time goes by. In just a few more weeks, he’ll be ready to go home with a loving family who will join him on his journey through life.

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