“The Heartwarming Story of a Miniature Cow Finding Love and Acceptance with a Pack of Dogs After Losing Its Herd”

Haru, the tiny cow, always felt like he didn’t quite belong. Being much smaller than the other cattle in his herd, he was often rejected and left feeling lonely. However, his life took a positive turn when he encountered a group of dogs who became his new best friends.

Amber Sullivan-Vo and her husband Anthony stumbled upon Haru through a Craigslist post and decided to rescue him. Despite their excitement to add Haru to their already sizable group of animals, they were uncertain of how the solitary mini cow would interact with their nine dogs. Over time, they gradually introduced Haru to the dogs and their concerns were alleviated.
According to Sullivan-Vo, “Haru has taken a real liking to our dogs! It only took him about a week to warm up to them.” This heartwarming story illustrates how animals from different backgrounds can come together and form meaningful bonds.

Haru not only gets along well with the dogs but also mimics their behavior. Whenever new foster dogs come to stay with Haru’s family, the little cow goes over to sniff them and even gets the zoomies, just like the dogs do. According to Sullivan-Vo, “He lowers his head when our dogs are around to let them play or give him kisses.”

The dogs have developed a fondness for Haru and consider him as one of their own. According to Sullivan-Vo, they spend time together in the yard. Despite his larger size compared to his canine siblings, Haru is considerate and ensures that he doesn’t harm the smaller creatures. When the family brought in a pair of puppies, Haru was seen looking out for their well-being. Sullivan-Vo noted that he is aware of his size and quickly calms down when he notices the puppies are out and about during playtime.

Haru’s presence is so important to his parents that they cannot imagine life without him. Although Haru may have been considered too small before, it is evident that he is the perfect size in his new family.

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