The Heartwarming Tale of a Stray Cat and the Kind Souls Who Never Gave Up on Him

A feline who was discovered wandering without any clear direction stumbled upon individuals who refused to abandon him. Their efforts transformed his existence.

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As Radia and her mom were driving home, they noticed a bedraggled cat sauntering on the roadside. The gloomy day didn’t seem to offer any relief to the feline, who was clearly drenched and shivering with cold. To their surprise, the cat was only a stone’s throw away from their house.
Radia quickly alighted from the car and walked up to the cat to see if it was okay while her mom hurried to grab a carrier. The cat seemed petrified and sought refuge under a nearby vehicle.
It took some time and effort, but with the aid of treats, the cat eventually emerged from its hiding spot, unable to resist the allure of food.

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On a rainy day, he was discovered outside and brought to the veterinarian for assessment. Fortunately, he had stumbled upon the best place at the opportune moment. Sheeta and Co, a small animal rescue organization based in Kuwait operated by Radia, her mother, and sister Zahraa, is dedicated to assisting stray animals in their region on a volunteer basis.

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Appa, the feline who had been suffering from an eye infection and ear mites, received some much-needed treatment. However, no trace of a microchip was found, and there were no owners looking for him. Appa’s fur appeared greasy, and he seemed dusty, possibly due to being on the streets for some time. Unfortunately, this situation is all too common in Kuwait, where pet abandonment is rampant. Despite efforts to locate his previous owner, no one came forward to claim Appa.

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The family welcomed Appa into their humble abode, but noticed that he was rather subdued and tended to keep his eyes shut most of the time. They also observed that he wasn’t too keen on grooming himself and didn’t seem to want to play with anyone. In fact, he hardly moved from where he was stationed. Despite this, he seemed to enjoy being petted and would purr contentedly when given attention.

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After Appa’s ordeal on the streets, he looked utterly drained. However, his rescuers did everything they could to uplift his spirits. They provided him with massages, a comb that he relished, and plenty of love and attention to make him feel comfortable and safe. Gradually, Appa began seeking affection from people as he felt reassured in his new environment.

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Sheeta and Co collaborates with rescue groups in the United States to provide a safe haven for cats like Appa who are in need of a permanent home. City Kitties DC stepped forward to lend a hand and assigned Jen (@pokeypotpie) as Appa’s foster volunteer. Appa, along with another rescued feline named Harvey, made the transatlantic flight to their new temporary home. With Harvey as his energetic playmate, Appa’s youthful sprightliness was brought to the fore, and he was soon ready to be adopted into a forever home.

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Alyson stumbled upon a post featuring Appa, and she was smitten with the affectionate dog right away. She tracked his journey from Kuwait to DC and wasted no time in submitting an adoption application as soon as he became available. “I was so committed to him,” Alyson revealed to Love Meow.

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As soon as they laid eyes on him, Alyson and her partner fell in love with Appa. He was so sweet and affectionate, purring and nuzzling against them as they petted him. They knew he was the perfect addition to their home. A week later, they brought Appa, now known as Sir Lewis, to his new castle. He wasted no time in making himself at home and ruling over his new domain.

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Sir Lewis loves being near his people and shows it by purring whenever he is petted and even lying down on the floor to enjoy their attention. His favorite spot to rest is curled up next to his humans, with his paw gently touching them as he naps.

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Apart from his snoozing time, Sir Lewis loves to have his cheeks scratched, indulge in a game of tennis ball soccer, and lend his “assistance” at the workplace by occupying the boss’ chair or relaxing on top of a laptop. Additionally, he has become an expert in the art of trapping people with his irresistible belly.

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Witnessing his true character unfold has been an incredible experience. Sir Lewis is a delightful and lively feline who thoroughly enjoys frolicking around and pursuing his toys. He is extremely particular about his meals and frequently expresses his desire for food with an insistent meow, much to Alyson’s amusement. As she begins her day, Sir Lewis waits impatiently by his food dish, eager to chow down on his breakfast.

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Alyson expressed her gratitude for being able to provide the care and life that Sir Lewis deserves, despite his health problems. Thanks to the efforts of rescuers and volunteers, he now has a loving family and is living his best life.

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