“The Incredible Journey of a Resilient Senior Cat: Overcoming Rejection and Traveling 1300 Miles Between Homes”

Get ready to meet our Meow Mail sponsored feline of the month, Griffin! This charming cat is quite a puzzle. According to Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, Griffin was dumped in someone’s backyard because his previous owners were done with him. But little did Sarah know, Griffin was no ordinary cat. In fact, it turns out that he was originally purchased from a breeder in Arizona but somehow ended up in an animal shelter in a small town in Arkansas. Unfortunately, since Griffin was blind and around 15 years old, the shelter planned to euthanize him along with the other cats.

After learning that Griffin was on the verge of being put down, a kind-hearted woman decided to adopt him to give him a second chance at life. Little did she know, Griffin was no ordinary cat. He was a Savannah cat, a unique breed that is a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat. These cats have a natural hunting instinct and require a lot of exercise to stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, Griffin’s new owner wasn’t able to provide him with the activity he needed, causing him to become destructive when kept indoors.

Griffin had been living indoors for two weeks, but the woman eventually had to move him to her backyard. The hot temperatures made Griffin incredibly dehydrated and ill, so the woman had to give him up to Community Cats of Central Arkansas. When Sarah found out, she shared a photo of Griffin with her vet who quickly recognized him as a Savannah cat. Sarah was stunned when she went to pick him up at the woman’s house and saw his condition.

In a rush to save Griffin, Sarah remembered how he had withered away to skin and bones, a sight that was unbearable. A healthy Savannah cat should weigh between 20-25 pounds, but Griffin weighed only 7 pounds in his frail condition. According to Sarah, the pictures barely captured the severity of his condition, as he was 15 pounds underweight. It was during her investigation into Griffin’s microchip that Sarah was surprised to find out that he was originally sold by a breeder in Arizona. How this costly exotic cat from Arizona ended up in a near-death situation in rural Arkansas was a mystery that needed solving.

The mystery surrounding Griffin’s past was finally unraveled as she delved deeper into his microchip records and made several calls. As it turned out, Griffin had been passed around between five different homes before finally ending up in her care. Shockingly, none of his previous owners had shown any interest in taking him back or even inquiring about his well-being. It was a sad realization that instead of being with a loving and permanent family, poor Griffin had been subjected to a life of constant rejection and had been dragged across 1,300 miles in fifteen years.

Griffin, a furry little friend, is currently facing multiple health challenges such as double cataracts, early stage kidney failure, and a terrible UTI. However, Sarah quickly took action by providing him with antibiotics and IV fluids. To help stabilize his condition, Griffin will require a customized treatment plan and special diet. Despite facing an uphill battle, Griffin possesses a strong will to survive, and he is a true fighter! According to Sarah, he has come this far, and they will ensure that he spends his later years being cherished and looked after. After undergoing so much, Griffin deserves to find his forever family that will love him unconditionally.

The story of Griffin is one that will warm your heart, despite its bittersweet ending. After a lifetime of rejection and bouncing between shelters, Griffin finally found a safe and loving home where he could receive the specialized care he needed for the rest of his life. His veterinarian became his forever family and showed him unconditional love until the very end.

Although Griffin’s passing is a sorrowful moment, his memory lives on in the hearts of everyone who knew him. He serves as a reminder of the importance of senior cat adoption and the cruel reality of purchasing cats from breeders. We hope that Griffin’s story inspires people to open their hearts to senior cats and consider making a donation to help other cats in need.

Community Cats of Central AR is a small rescue organization that relies on donations to rescue and care for senior cats. By donating to their senior cat fund through the Meow Mail program, you can make a difference in the lives of cats who have suffered from neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Even a small donation of $10 can make a significant impact and bring warmth to your heart. Consider making a recurring donation to receive updates on future cats and kittens in critical condition. Let us all work together to give these deserving animals the love and care they need to live out the rest of their days in peace.

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