The Miracle of Saving a Kitten from Acid Attack: A Heartwarming Story of a Kind Samaritan!


Meanwhile, a compassionate woman visited a clinic with three animals requiring urgent medical attention. This was a daily routine for her, as she had been rescuing helpless animals from the streets of Plovdiv for over a decade. She even created a Facebook page, called “Save Me,” to share animal rescue stories and request assistance.

As fate would have it, a man arrived at the same clinic, carrying a tiny kitten with severe burns all over its body. He inquired whether the woman he was speaking to was Desislava Stoyanova, who was renowned for her work rescuing animals. Though he wanted to help the kitten, he was unable to take it home since he was renting his place. Thus, he requested Desislava to provide the kitten with the love and care it needed.

Upon seeing the severely burned kitten, whom she named Yoda, Desislava was instantly drawn to him. She took him home and began nursing him back to health with the help of medication provided by the vet.

This is the story of Yoda’s Lifeline.


Yoda, with his thin and wounded frame, was an exceptionally delicate creature. All he wanted was to snuggle with a newfound furry companion, one of the kittens Desislava had taken to the vet and brought home. While Desislava remained optimistic, she wasn’t entirely certain that Yoda would survive. Nevertheless, she committed herself to giving him another chance at life, as she had done for others before.
A daily routine was established for Yoda, which involved feeding him, tending to his wounds, administering antibiotic drops to his eyes, and gently rubbing cream on his sores to accelerate the healing process. Despite all the pain he had endured, Yoda was one of the most amiable and patient felines one could ever encounter. He even purred contentedly when Desislava applied cream to his wounds with love and care. This is why Yoda is anything but ordinary.


Desislava has only known Yoda for a week, but she can already see a significant improvement. Yoda is no longer in excruciating pain or thrashing about, thanks to the attentive care and treatment he is receiving. Although his healing process will take some time due to the severity of his burns, Desislava is confident that Yoda will eventually recover. While Yoda may never look like a typical cat, he is unique and special in his own way.

If you want to assist Yoda and other animals like him, there are numerous ways to do so. You can donate to local animal shelters or rescue organizations, volunteer your time, or even foster or adopt pets in need of a loving home. Every little bit helps, and your actions can make a significant difference in the lives of animals like Yoda.


Without individuals like Desislava Stoyanova and the person who rescued him, adorable little kittens like Yoda wouldn’t have a chance at a happy life. Your generosity has enabled Desislava Stoyanova to continue rescuing and aiding animals like Yoda. Every dollar donated will go toward essential supplies such as food, litter, and veterinary treatment. To donate, visit Desislava’s “Save Me” Facebook page: Cнacи me/Save me.

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