The rescued cat refused human contact for a year, but thanks to the help and perseverance of people, the cat has become friendlier

Rescued from an abandoned apartment like 93 other cats, Angie refused all contact with humans for more than a year, including with her rescuer who did not hesitate to bring her home to treat her. Until the day the fear gave way.

Angie ‘s story is chilling. In 2022, this cat was rescuedaong with 93 fellow cats from a sick and starving apartment in Singapore . The negligence of its owners led it to live in filth for many weeks.


“ Angie was malnourished and extremely shy. It took us a while to get her on an aircraft carrier during the rescue operation , ”recalls for The Dodo Fiona Loth , independent rescuer. Her ex-owner had bred her to sell her , like the nearly 100 other cats in the apartment. But she was far too ill to find a buyer .

Since that rescue, nearly all of the cats rescued that day have found new homes . Almost all of them, but not Angie . Because at 2 years old, this cat had until very recently a fierce fear of humans . “ She repelled any human being who approached her. She was also urinating out of fear if someone dared to touch her. It was an emotional case to settle. »

And then the shelter closed. So, Fiona decided to take Angie home to try to bring her out of her torpor . “ After daily observation, I noticed that Angie wasn’t scared and actually wasn’t shy . I discovered, through video surveillance, that Angie was exploring the room she was in, and even playing alone. However, when a human entered the room, she returned to her cage. »

She has become a very affectionate little cat

Fiona knew that with patience she would get her way . “ Angie wasn’t ready to be adopted. If we force her adoption, she could try to run away by any means, or hurt people who may not have experience with such cats. »

The click came very recently. After almost a year without being able to approach her, Fiona had the pleasant surprise of not being repelled by the cat when she wanted to stroke her .

The barriers had fallen . “ Angie is a very affectionate little cat. She meows now to show me that she wants me to stay with her. »

And if she is sometimes still a little on the defensive , she is constantly progressing in her relationship with humans. Soon, she will even be able to find a family. That’s all the harm Fiona wishes him .

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