The Stylish Feline: A Ginger Tabby’s Love Affair with Fashion

Although I’ve never been one to dress up my feline friends, it’s not because I don’t appreciate a fashionable cat. In fact, I’ve been a fan of Rover- the stylish black cat- for quite some time now. Recently, I discovered another fashion-forward feline in India who has captured attention worldwide. August, the once sickly kitten has transformed into a fierce and fabulous cat who always strikes a pose in her latest outfits. Luckily, August’s cat mom shared her story and allowed me to share some of her photos. I adore August’s effortless confidence and I’m sure you will too. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the fanciest cat in town- August.

August the Ginger Cat

How did August become a part of your life?

I stumbled upon a photo of an adorable ginger cat snuggled up in bed on Instagram. I was instantly smitten and decided that I wanted a cat too. Even though I was in the middle of my degree and hadn’t considered pet ownership before, I impulsively started looking for adoption opportunities.

Eventually, I came across a group that was offering kittens up for adoption and decided to check it out. However, when I arrived, they told me that they didn’t think it would be safe for a kitten to live in my PG accommodation. Despite their concerns, I remained determined to get one.

After a lot of back and forth, a friend stepped in to help me adopt a kitten. I had my heart set on a ginger one, but there was only one available, and she wasn’t in great shape. My friends advised against taking her, but I couldn’t bear to leave without a furry friend, so I eventually decided to adopt her.

Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to take home a healthier kitten, they had all been adopted, and August was the last one left. I took it as a sign and brought her home with me. Today, I feel like the luckiest and happiest cat mom there ever was.

August the Ginger Cat

August the Ginger Cat

I was struggling to come up with a name for my new kitten, so I enlisted the help of my best friend Anna, who I affectionately call God Mom. After a few days, she presented me with a list of cute names, including August. Since I had adopted her on August 4th and the name held sentimental value for both Anna and myself, I immediately agreed to name my kitten August. Some people have questioned the name’s suitability for a female cat, but I think it fits her personality perfectly.

Speaking of personality, August is a very playful and active kitten who requires daily playtime to keep from getting bored. She loves going on walks and exploring her surroundings, though she was initially wary of children due to an unfriendly first encounter. August also has a passion for travel and relishes any opportunity for adventure, always ready to strike a pose for the camera.

August the Ginger Cat

What made you realize that she had a fondness for dressing up? Initially, we were hesitant to try putting on a top made by her feline aunt Neelu, knowing that not all cats appreciate wearing clothing. But to our surprise, she took to it quite naturally and even struck a few poses for the camera. That was when we decided to create an Instagram account for her, and since then, her grandmother has been designing all of her clothes at home. We don’t compel her to wear anything she doesn’t want to, but she seems to enjoy flaunting herself and posing for pictures, except for being held on someone’s lap.

August the Ginger Cat

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August is an exceptional feline who possesses a unique set of qualities that make her stand out from the rest. Not only is she intelligent, but she’s also an absolute pleasure to be around. Whenever we teach her new tricks, she picks them up with ease and displays an incredible level of understanding, almost as if she’s a human in a cat’s body. To me, August is more than just a pet – she’s like a daughter or a sister. My parents love her just as much as I do, and we feel incredibly blessed to have her in our lives. The happiness she brings us is contagious, and we’re grateful for the joy she spreads wherever she goes. Owning a pet is a true joy, and I encourage everyone to love their furry companions unconditionally. August will always hold a special place in my heart as my first true love.

I want to express my gratitude to Annie, the proud cat mom of August, for allowing me to feature their adorable story and photos on Cattitude Daily. If you know someone who would love this little one, please feel free to share. Follow August’s stylish adventures on Instagram for more feline fashion inspiration.

August the Ginger Cat

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