The Tale of a Feline Who Finds Solace in Human Company to Avoid Loneliness Once More

The kitty was a born outdoors and as she grew up, she developed a strong bond with her humans to make sure she did not feel abandoned.

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Uno, the adorable diluted calico kitten, had a rough start in life. She was born outside to a feral cat and was separated from her mother too early, which left her neglected and in need of help. Luckily, Marlena, the founder of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue based in Atlanta, GA, learned about Uno’s situation and decided to step in and rescue her. According to Marlena, she picked up Uno on the same night that she heard about her, and upon examination, found out that she was only around five weeks old. The kitten was severely underweight, weighing just 0.8 pounds, instead of the expected 1.25 pounds. Uno was in a sorry state, skinny, dirty, and very hungry.

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Assist Animal Rescue Association
As soon as we found the stranded animal, we hurried to our nearest shelter to gather the necessary supplies for her. During the journey, she clung on to my friend’s hand and suckled on it all the way to safety.
Within the first 20 minutes of her rescue, this tiny creature devoured a huge amount of kitten formula – about 30 ounces! We continued to bottle-feed her every four hours and discovered that she craved companionship more than anything else.

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Animal Rescue: Give Them a Voice
Uno, a small furry creature, would loudly vocalize her distress when left alone even for a short while. Upon her owners’ return, she would cling to their legs and try to scale their shoulders with her miniature claws. Although petite, Uno possessed a powerful purr and an impressive vocal range.

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Assisting and caring for newborn kittens is best done under the care of their feline mother. However, there are scenarios when interference may become necessary such as when they are wounded or showing signs of sickness. Luckily, someone kind-hearted noticed Uno’s plight and took action to get her the assistance she needed.

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Animal rescue group, Be Their Voice, recently shared the story of Uno, a calico cat who preferred to sleep on her human foster parents rather than in a cat bed. Uno would often suckle on her foster mom’s ears or face and would cling to her after every meal, finding comfort in the love and affection shown to her. It’s heartwarming to see rescued animals find such comfort and security in the care of their human companions.

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The Animal Rescue Organization, Be Their Voice, had a little pup named Uno who loved to be around her humans. She would often follow them around with the hope of being lifted and held in their arms like a little baby. Uno was a cuddle bug who could easily drift off to sleep when someone picked her up. She was very attached to her humans and enjoyed being the center of attention.

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The animal rescue organization, Be Their Voice, witnessed a remarkable transformation in one of their rescued cats. During the course of a few weeks, the cat learned to eat from a dish like a full-grown feline. It overcame stomach issues and started growing at an impressive pace as it absorbed the necessary nutrients. The cat’s energy level also increased significantly, making it more active and lively.

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Animal Rescue Organization, Be Their Voice, witnessed Uno’s remarkable ability to take down toys twice her size with ease. Her playfulness was infectious, and she had a boundless energy that made her hop around the room as if she had springs under her feet. With her fearless and daring personality, Uno never shied away from any challenges that came her way.

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The animal rescue organization, Be Their Voice, helped Uno overcome her single-kitten syndrome by introducing her to other foster kittens for socialization. Uno quickly bonded with Tess the tabby, and they became inseparable like littermates. During this time, Uno learned about boundaries and cherished every opportunity to cuddle with her new fur friends. Her bond with Tess was particularly strong and heartwarming.

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Uno and TessBe have found their forever home together after being adopted. They were later joined by Bessie, another rescued kitten, to complete their trio.

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Uno and BessieBe Their Voice Animal Rescue is a rescue organization that aims to save the lives of animals in need. According to Uno’s adoptive mother, he is quite the royalty and always gets first dibs on food. He used to be a follower of the pack, but now he has become a leader. Although he still enjoys suckling, he now has a blankie to keep him company.

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Uno has matured significantly according to Be Their Voice Animal Rescue. Marlena, who rescued the animal, stated that Uno has always been a spunky, determined survivor with an unparalleled desire to live. Marlena expresses gratitude for the chance to save Uno.

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