“The Tale of a Feline’s Unlucky Run-In with a Gang of Dogs”


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The consequences of the dog attack proved to be worse than expected. Mishka ended up with a diaphragm injury that could lead to suffocation at any time, which was unfortunately not initially noticed by the vets. As a result, they have to prepare for an unplanned surgery that needs to be done immediately to prevent any further deterioration of Mishka’s condition, which rapidly worsened on January 18.

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The operation proved to be quite difficult and lasted for several hours, but we’re relieved to say that it was a success. The only setback was that Mishka took longer than expected to recover from the anesthesia and was disoriented during the initial phase. Since there was no hospital at the clinic, we decided to bring Mishka home. Albert had to arrange a separate room for him because he needed complete rest, and we have two other cats in the house.

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