“The Tale of Mitzi: Britain’s Repeatedly Returning Cat Who Battled Obesity”

Have you heard about Mitzi, the cat who was declared as the most obese feline in the UK last year? Unfortunately, Mitzi has been facing a string of bad luck lately. It’s heartbreaking to know that she has been returned to the shelter for the fourth time! It’s painful to see that Mitzi is constantly being rejected when, in fact, she’s one of the most attractive cats we’ve ever come across.

In 2017, a lost Mitzi was discovered wandering the streets. She was a large cat who needed to follow a strict diet to maintain her health. Eventually, she shed some weight and was adopted into a loving home. Unfortunately, her new owner returned her after just a few weeks.

Within a year, the adorable cat was adopted by three different families but unfortunately, all three owners returned her to the shelter. The reason behind this was that the cat wasn’t able to adjust to their homes. This constant change of environment has left Mitzi feeling distressed and irritable, making it difficult for her to find a new home. It’s a pity that Mitzi is in this situation.

Mitzi is currently at her thinnest weight in a long time, and she needs a new home. She weighs approximately 5.50 kg and is available for adoption from the Woodside shelter. However, the staff advises that if you plan to take Mitzi in, it’s best to have no other pets or children in the house. Although challenging to handle, Mitzi deserves a loving home instead of living in a shelter.

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