The Tender Tale of a Golden Retriever Who Spends Hours Each Day Embracing Strangers with Love

Golden Retrievers are famous for their affectionate and gentle nature. Most dog lovers consider them as the perfect family pets. One such Golden Retriever who has earned popularity for being loving is Louboutina from Chelsea, New York City. She loves to give hugs to strangers she meets on the streets, and her charming and adorable personality has garnered over 58k Instagram followers. Every day, for at least two hours, this lovable dog, named after a French shoe designer, spreads love by hugging people. It’s no surprise that Golden Retrievers are known for being friendly and sociable dogs.

This is not your average hike, as per Fernandez-Chavez, a 45-year-old dog owner. It’s a walk that’s filled with warm embraces from his furry companion, Loubie. Many people have claimed that spending time with her has brightened up their day, especially after a hard day at work. Loubie started holding her owner’s hand after his relationship ended in 2014. Fernandez-Chavez shared that she would stand on her hind legs and wrap both of her paws around his hands before crossing one paw over the other. He even joked with his friends that he finally had someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day.

Are you currently in New York? If so, why not schedule a hug session with Louboutina, the hugging dog who has been spreading warmth and love throughout the city. This adorable pooch is located in Chelsea and has gained quite the reputation for providing the coziest and warmest embraces to anyone who needs it. Loubie and her owner Fernandez-Chavez have been entertaining locals and visitors alike since Valentine’s Day in 2014. One of her signature moves is crossing one paw over the other while grabbing both of your hands with her paws as she stands up. So why not reach out to Fernandez-Chavez and arrange a cuddle session with Louboutina? You won’t regret it!

According to those who know her, she has a knack for brightening up people’s day. It’s not uncommon for someone to feel uplifted after spending time with her, especially if they’ve had a tough time at work. Her owner recognized the value of his dog’s ability to spread love and positivity to those around her.

Check out Loubie’s Instagram profile for more lovely pictures of her embracing people with warm hugs.

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