“The Unbelievable Story of a Brave Kitten’s Redemption from the Streets”

Around 30 days back, Brisbane’s feline rescue organization, Best Friends Felines received a request for assistance regarding a tabby kitten in dire need of aid.

While riding on her motorcycle behind a car, a kind-hearted individual observed an object being thrown out of the car’s window. The object was moving, prompting the Good Samaritan to quickly bring her bike to a halt and effectively slow down oncoming traffic. Upon closer inspection, the item turned out to be a tiny kitten, which she promptly rescued from harm’s way and removed from the busy road.

The person who found the little kitten took her to the emergency clinic and it was discovered that she had a broken left hind leg which made it limp. Her front leg also had some scrapes. The medical team immediately started treating the kitten and kept her overnight for observation and recovery.
The next day, the kitten was feeling much better and was even purring with joy. According to Kerry of Best Friends Felines, the kitten had regained the use of her front paw and was charming everyone at the emergency clinic with her chirps and endless purring.

Best Friends Felines came forward to provide care for Sloane, the kitten, and offer her a nurturing environment to continue her healing process. During her visit to the rescue’s veterinarian, Sloane captured the hearts of the staff by insisting on being held and showered with affection. She spent more time cuddling with the staff than in her crate, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who met her.

Kerry shared that Sloane has excellent toilet habits and can easily maneuver in and out of a shallow litter tray. She is quite the foodie and never misses a chance to purr when being held by someone. Kerry mentioned that Sloane is so charming that everyone who meets her can’t help but adore her. Just after a week of settling in, Sloane’s leg injury was healed, and she made remarkable progress in gaining weight and strength.

Sloane possesses a purr that can be heard from miles away, combined with her remarkable resilience and striking appearance. Despite going through tough times, Sloane remains a shining light who is quick to forgive. Whenever she feels better, she wastes no time in getting up to play.

Thanks to nutritious meals, attentive treatment, and abundant love, Sloane’s injured front paw has fully recuperated, and she has even mastered the art of holding it up while running. Once Sloane was deemed fit for socialization, she met Pearl and Miley, the resident blind cats, and the trio became fast friends. Sloane was so fond of her new companions that she couldn’t resist following them around wherever they went.

Similar to Sloane, Pearl and Miley are also rescued cats of Best Friends Felines. They were taken in by their foster home and have chosen to make it their permanent residence. The adorable duo has not only found a forever home but also taught Sloane an important lesson – nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Kerry revealed that Sloane has picked up climbing skills from her foster siblings.

Pearl and Miley are definitely looking after Sloane and showing her that even with disabilities, there are no limitations. The little one has a long way to go before she can undergo surgery on her hind leg, but for now, she’s got plenty of time to learn important cat skills.

Sloane is blossoming into a gorgeous, fluffy feline as she continues to thrive. She exudes pure joy and relishes every moment of her existence.

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