The Unforgettable Wedding Mishap: When My Father and Robyn Arrived Late and Ignored Everyone!

The enigma has been solved, yet the discussion persists. Recently, Gwendlyn Brown and Beatriz Queiroz tied the knot in Flagstaff, Arizona, which was a joyous occasion. However, there was a controversy surrounding the wedding due to the speculation that Kody Brown ignored his daughter by not appearing in any of the family photographs.

According to recent reports, Gwendlyn Brown has expressed her dislike for Robyn Brown, her father’s spouse. Despite this, Kody did attend Gwendlyn’s wedding reception. However, he did not post anything on social media to celebrate the occasion. In a new YouTube video, Gwendlyn revealed that her father and Robyn arrived two hours late and did not participate much in the event. This caused them to miss family photos, and no one really spoke to them during the party.

During the Instagram event, everyone was enthusiastic about meeting the guests except for one person. According to Gwendlyn, Mykelti was especially thrilled since she spends time with them. As a bonus, they even babysat her babies which made things easier for everyone else. Although Kody and Robyn were also invited, many other attendees were not happy about their presence.

Gwendlyn Brown has tied the knot! She took to Instagram and shared a photo to celebrate her marriage. In a video, Gwen revealed that some people were upset with her husband’s presence at the wedding because they were not aware that she had invited him. However, she mentioned that no one had said anything negative to his face and that people tend to gossip behind others’ backs instead of confronting them directly. It’s worth noting that Gwendlyn has been vocal about her criticism towards Kody, her father, as a parent in many of her previous videos on the same YouTube channel.

On Instagram, it was revealed that Gwendlyn has been quite vocal about her negative feelings towards Robyn. However, during the wedding, she displayed a reasonable and mature attitude towards Robyn’s presence. Gwendlyn shared that she gave Robyn a hug and surprised everyone with her unexpected gesture. According to her YouTube video, she felt it was necessary to extend an olive branch, especially since she hasn’t been very kind to Robyn on camera. Therefore, she decided to offer a cozy hug as a friendly gesture.

Gwen shared that she didn’t get a chance to take a photo with her father on her wedding day. It’s quite sad when you really think about it. She mentioned that there wasn’t a moment for them to capture the memory, but she now wishes she had made it happen. The new season of Sister Wives is set to premiere on August 20th, and we might get to learn more about Kody’s relationship with his daughter.

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