“The Unnoticed Beauty: A Feline’s Story of Misunderstood Expression and the Importance of First Impressions”

One late night, while browsing the website of her nearby animal shelter, Francisca Franken stumbled upon a peculiar cat that caught her attention. The cat’s features, including its flat face, rough appearance, and sad eyes, made her pause and take a closer look. Franken shared, “As soon as I saw her picture, I felt an instant connection. At first, I found her photos amusing because I had never seen a cat quite like her before.”

Without delay, she penned a letter to the shelter to verify if the feline was still up for adoption. Her anxiety kept her up all night as she awaited their response. Upon reestablishing communication, the shelter was astounded that she was actually interested in Bean.
According to Franken, “I received a call from a wonderful lady at the rescue who asked if I was indeed applying for Bean since no one had previously shown any interest in her. The woman was apprehensive that I may have clicked on the wrong button or made an error of some sort.”

Before being taken to the shelter, Bean lived as a stray in a trailer park. She never experienced the warmth and love of a home and was suffering from various illnesses, including an eye infection. However, Franken made it her mission to change this. According to Franken, he was led to a room by a woman where he saw Bean for the first time. Despite the fact that she was tiny, had stubby legs, a small tail, and a flat face, Franken was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears as soon as he entered the room. He confessed that Bean was not what he had expected her to be but was, in fact, much better.

Franken wasted no time in bringing Bean home, and the feline wasted no time in showering her new owner with affection. Franken noticed that initially, Bean was extremely clingy and followed her around everywhere she went. However, Franken believes that Bean soon realized that she didn’t need to pretend to be overly affectionate because Franken would never abandon her again. As a result, Bean began revealing her sassy and sarcastic personality, which Franken adored because it was an indication that Bean had finally felt comfortable enough to show her true colors.

Bean has become Franken’s nighttime companion and must always be in close proximity to her. Olives are Bean’s preferred food, besides her mother, and the mere scent of olives or olive brine sends her into a frenzy. Franken recalled the first time Bean stole an olive from her late-night snack, where Bean snatched it from her hand and darted away to eat it under the sofa.

Isoprenoids, a chemical compound akin to catnip, can be found in green olives and pimentos. Bean, who has an intense love for these salty snacks, would yell at her mom whenever she saw the olives being taken out of the fridge. Luckily, olives are not harmful to cats when given in moderation, so Franken would occasionally reward Bean with a couple of these treats.


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