The Unstoppable Love: Get to Know the Remarkable Pooch without a Nose and Damaged Teeth, Spreading Limitless Kindness and Empathy

Have you heard about Sniffles, the poor dog who lost his nose in a vicious attack by other dogs? He’s been struggling to find a loving home, but thanks to some local news coverage, he now has a flood of potential dog-parents eager to take him in. Sniffles had a rough start in life, abandoned in Puerto Rico, where he was attacked and left with numerous health issues. However, after receiving medical attention in the US and being featured in a rescue group’s story, Sniffles is on the mend and may soon have a forever home.

According to reports, Sniffles, a dog from Puerto Rico, endured extremely unpleasant living conditions. He suffered from various parasites such as hookworms and whipworms, and his teeth require immediate attention. To make matters worse, he lost his nose due to an attack by other stray dogs, causing him to sustain multiple injuries and illnesses.

Fortunately, a local animal rescue group discovered him in Puerto Rico and decided to send him to a family in the United States for better medical treatment. They hoped that he would receive the care he needed to recover.

However, his stay at his previous placement was short-lived. Sniffles had a habit of running away, and given his health condition, it posed a significant risk to him. Thankfully, he found a new home at Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Florida. This non-profit organization is dedicated to rescuing dogs, and they save around 500 to 600 furry buddies each year. As soon as Sniffles arrived on December 19th, the rescue team immediately started looking for a suitable home for him. They even featured him on WESH, a local news station in Orlando, on December 24th.

Since then, Sniffles’ fortune has taken a turn for the better. Over a hundred people have called the shelter to inquire about adopting him, and his story is still being shared. However, potential adopters must be committed to keeping his nasal passages clean twice a day and administering daily eye drops for his dry eye condition, according to Rebecca Lynch, a spokesperson for the shelter who spoke to Sniffles was infested with hookworms and whipworms, which suggests poor living conditions prior to his arrival at the shelter. He also tested positive for Ehrlichia, a tick-borne illness, but he is receiving treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

Although Sniffles has faced many challenges due to his health issues, he still holds a strong fondness for humans. According to Lynch, Sniffles is an incredibly resilient young pup who has slowly grown more confident and sociable despite his past experiences. He enjoys being close to people, wagging his tail happily, playing outside, getting along with other dogs, and creating cute snorting sounds due to his condition.

Sniffles, the adorable dog with a unique appearance, has captured the hearts of many after his story was shared in Central Florida. Despite Sniffles’ distinct look, he is just one of many special needs dogs that are welcomed into the rescue on a weekly basis. While the rescue is currently considering their options for Sniffles, they encourage those who cannot adopt him to consider adopting, fostering, or giving to other special needs pets. In the meantime, local woman Genesis Diaz has generously taken on the role of fostering Sniffles. She shared her experience waking up to Sniffles by her side, describing how he ran over and gave her a little whirl before showering her with affection. The animal rescue workers are also enamored with Sniffles’ charm.

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