Tiny Feline Overcomes Obstacle with Help from Furry Friends

Finnegan, a newborn kitten, was taken to the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation located in Arlington, Virginia, for urgent medical attention at the end of January. The kitten was brought from Colonial Beach, as he was unable to receive proper medical care there. Finnegan was facing neurological issues and had a tender lump on the back of his head near his left ear. Ellen Carozza, a Licensed Veterinary Technician and co-founder of the foundation, stated that Finnegan was surprisingly small for his birth date (January 3rd) and had difficulty balancing himself, hence requiring immediate attention.

The small and furry creature was struggling to move around and required considerable support. Ellen noticed the determination in his large, innocent eyes and heard the energy in his meows. She realized that he deserved a chance to fight for his life. The veterinary team created a personalized care plan for this tiny cat, which included administering antibiotics, introducing a new diet, providing electrolytes, and offering additional therapies to assist him in regaining his health.

Following an X-ray and a sample collection from the abscess, the kitten’s diagnosis became official. Ellen revealed to Love Meow that the cause of the abscess was an infection caused by Beta-hemolytic Streptococcus, which is commonly transmitted from an infected mother cat. The antibiotics prescribed for the kitten were suitable for his treatment plan.

In the meantime, Benedict, Ellen’s resident feline, wasted no time in showering Finn, the kitten, with love and affection. Benedict’s face washing was a clear indication that everything would be just fine for Finn. Ellen noted that Benedict, the ultimate cat dad, had to give his blessings to Finn upon their first meeting. The presence of older cats in the house who enjoy kittens is indeed helpful as it teaches the little ones how to be cats.

Loki, a gray tabby cat mentored by Benedict, also became a part of the team that encouraged the little kitten. With Ellen’s diligent and tireless efforts and the help of the feline companions, Finn made remarkable improvements in just a short span of time.

Ellen reported to Love Meow that, following a week of nursing, Finn’s health improved enough for him to start using a bottle slowly. Moreover, he now eats with great enthusiasm and has gained weight. He is also learning how to walk and stand up like any other kitten. Ellen happily added that she no longer needs to assist Finn during feedings because he is strong enough to sit up on his own. Finn is now eating heartily, thanks to his newly acquired vigor.

Finn is developing stronger leg muscles and is eager to utilize them in various activities. His playful and curious nature is becoming more apparent with each passing day. He is fortunate to have the company of his feline companions who shower him with affection and attention. Finn displays his kitten-like behavior at times, and enjoys giving kisses by holding onto his owner’s face.

Finn is overjoyed whenever the local felines shower him with affection, and he revels in the attention. They motivate him to explore different experiences and teach him the ways of being a true cat. Loki always keeps an eye on the little one, ready to offer his support whenever Finn craves their company.

According to Ellen, a mother cat isn’t always necessary to raise kittens. A cat with a great personality and patience who enjoys the company of kittens is enough. Ellen expressed her confidence that this cat, who has already made remarkable progress, will soon be walking and playing like any other healthy kitten. She believes that treating patients outside the conventional methods and regardless of their size and age is crucial. It’s all about stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Finn enjoys observing the surroundings while lounging in his cozy basket. He’s currently honing his sitting and standing abilities, and he’s making progress with each passing day.

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