Tiny Feline with Stunted Growth Finds Forever Home and Captures Hearts with His Adorable Nature

He embraced her tightly, seeking solace and reluctant to release her.

Widdle and his sister were saved by the Kitten Inn in Lower Hutt, New Zealand when they were only six weeks old. Despite being smaller than other kittens of his age, the ginger boy was full of energy and constantly sought attention through meows and chirps. Widdle craved love and companionship and wasn’t comfortable being alone. To provide care and nurture to the siblings, Jessie- a vet nurse- took them home to foster. Widdle had a particular fondness for warm objects and snuggled up on Jessie’s shoulders as soon as she picked him up.

Jessie observed that the little feline was not developing at the same pace as its counterparts. She took care of it for several months, but unfortunately, it didn’t show any significant growth. During this time, its siblings and foster mates grew normally and were adopted by new families. However, the little kitty named Widdle remained with Jessie and her family. Despite its slow development, Widdle managed to win their hearts and became an integral part of their lives.

When it comes to bedtime, Widdle the cat never likes to be by himself. He always prefers to nap alongside his human companions. It’s clear that he’s a cuddly kitty who simply craves affection and attention.

Jessie takes her beloved kitty, Widdle, to work with her almost every day since he loves accompanying her. According to Jessie, Widdle is a true shoulder cat who likes to climb on anyone’s shoulder, whether they welcome it or not. Widdle has a cheerful disposition, and he’s always affectionate and relaxed. He loves to perch on people’s shoulders to be tall and get a better view of his surroundings. For Jessie, Widdle is her pride and joy.

After six months of growth, Widdle has officially reached the milestone of 2.2 pounds (1 kg). However, there seems to be an underlying issue causing his small stature, which Jessie suspects to be a form of dwarfism known as panhypopituitarism. Despite this condition, Widdle exudes a large amount of love and has an abundance of affection to give, making him all the more special. It seems that he will remain in his petite state forever, but his compassionate nature more than makes up for his size.

When he’s not sitting on his owner’s shoulders, he loves to cuddle up in their embrace and purr contentedly. It’s absolute heaven!

Widdle’s ultimate joy lies in being cozily cuddled up beside his beloved human.

Grasping his dad’s hand with his furry paws.

During game time, Widdle is happy to lend a paw and provide assistance.

Hey, listen up meow!

It’s been six months since Widdle became a part of their family. Jessie mentioned that he’s still so tiny that he perfectly fits onto her shoulder. She expressed how she can’t even walk into the living room without him perching on her.

The tiny orange kitten adorably trails after its owners throughout the home, lavishing them with affectionate snuggles and contented purring.

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