Touching Tale: Owner Keeps Dog with Bone Cancer Chained Up, Leaving Millions Heartbroken

GWARP received a distressing report on September 22 regarding an elderly dog that was being mistreated by its owner. Despite years of experience in animal rescue, the situation was new to GWARP. The dog was found chained up without access to food or water, even though it was already very ill. It was later discovered that the poor animal had been surviving on waste and garbage for years while living in confinement. Due to the lack of nutrition and vitamins, the dog developed osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that is usually caused by further damage and infection. The vet confirmed that the cancer was a result of the dog’s years of poor living conditions. The dog’s owner was discovered to be abusive, having beaten the helpless animal and keeping it hidden in the garden with a short metal chain that restricted its movement.

Despite the GWARP rescue team’s request to rescue the boy, the owner declined and insisted that they couldn’t take away what was his property. As a result, they sought assistance from the nearby police station. However, before leaving the scene, they noticed that the dog appeared distressed and almost seemed to be crying. It took several hours of paperwork and discussion with the owner before he finally relented and allowed the dog to be rescued. He stipulated that they had to file a report before taking the dog away.

We decided to take our dog to the vet for some much-needed medical attention. The poor pup required blood tests and other checkups at this time. Additionally, the vet recommended that our furry friend undergo an urgent amputation procedure, with tissue samples being sent off for further testing. We know that there’s a long road ahead for our beloved pet.

After taking some x-rays, we received the unfortunate news that our dog has osteosarcoma – a severe type of bone cancer. While there are no signs of it spreading to his lung, the tumor is growing at an alarming rate, causing the skin to tear. This means that the chances of survival are slim. We’re doing everything we can to help our furry friend through this difficult time.

Jordan was given a relaxing bath to cleanse him of his past trauma and the negative vibes from his previous owner. Unfortunately, there’s no hope for him in Azerbaijan as he needs to show some improvement before being transferred to Türkiye. He’ll be traveling in a few days.

After reaching Istanbul, Jordan underwent a quick sedation process enabling the doctors to conduct full-body X-rays before his surgery. The amputation surgery has been successfully performed and Jordan’s limb, riddled with tumors, has been completely removed. Happily, the procedure went without any complications.

Jordan is now on her third day after undergoing amputation surgery. She has been adapting well to her new life, quickly getting used to it and even regaining her appetite. We hope she will have a speedy recovery and a wonderful future ahead of her. Jordan, we all love you! Watch the video below for the full story and share it with your loved ones.

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