“Two Feline Sisters Hold Out Hope for a Loving Forever Home After Initial Adoption Falls Through”

The rescuers at Love Your Feral Felines in San Diego were thrilled to give Cocoa and Snowball, two cat sisters, a new home during the holiday season. Despite being returned by their initial family, the cats were able to find a second home after spending 177 days in foster care with LYFF. The rescuers were overjoyed to see the cats finally find a loving family once again.

Family who adopted the cat sisters via LYFF

LYFF recently featured two adorable feline sisters on their rescue page. These Siamese and Tortoiseshell siblings are just three years old and were originally taken in by the rescuers as kittens. They found a loving home together, but sadly, it didn’t work out, and their previous family had to bring them back to LYFF.
The rescue shared that the girls didn’t do anything wrong โ€“ it was just an unfortunate circumstance. But now, they’re looking for a new forever home where they can be together and loved unconditionally. If you’re looking for furry companions who will steal your heart, these two sisters might be the perfect match for you!

Snowball and Cocoa, Tortoiseshell and Siamese sisters

These two adult cats have acclimated well to living indoors and love relaxing on the couch. They make perfect companions for those who prefer a calm lifestyle and aren’t looking for constant kitten-like energy. Sadly, older cats like them are frequently unnoticed in animal shelters.

Cocoa and Snowball sleeping in foster home, Melissa Catellier

On Facebook, there are two adorable cat sisters named Cocoa and Snowball, who are currently residing in a foster home. LYFF, the organization taking care of them, described their affectionate and charming personalities. These cats love nothing more than to cuddle with their human companions while gazing out the window. They are excellent at keeping you company throughout the day and will make sure to find a spot on your lap. Snowball, in particular, craves attention from her loved ones constantly, while Cocoa enjoys spending time cozied up on the couch. Together, they are the perfect duo and eagerly await a new loving home.

Snowball and Cocoa hugging in a yellow blanket

In October, LYFF brought to light the tale of two adorable felines, Cocoa and Snowball, who were eagerly awaiting their forever home. One of them, Snowball, is an absolute cuddle monster. The moment you sit down, she’ll make it her mission to claim you as her own and keep you in one spot for hours on end while she serenades you with her purring. When she isn’t showering you with affection, she can be found cozily gazing out of the window with her sister or perched atop their cat tower, keeping a watchful eye over her domain.

Snowball the tortie/Siamese, 2

Cocoa, just like her delicious namesake, is a sweet feline who loves to cuddle up on laps. Her purring starts the moment she receives a gentle petting. One of her favorite pastimes is basking in the sunlight while perched on the back of the couch, observing the happenings of the world around her.

Cocoa the pretty tortie cat looks at camera in the windowsill

Their foster mother, M. Catellier, recently posted a photo of these adorable felines on social media, stating that they are the most loving lap cats one could ask for. She also shared snippets of their daily life and how they bring joy to those around them.


“According to what she said,” she disclosed.

Cocoa and Snowball cuddling on the sofa in foster home, Melissa Catellier

Great news! LYFF, Cocoa, and Snowball have officially become a happy family! We extend our warmest congratulations to them. To learn more about this wonderful outcome, take a look at the San Diego nonprofit involved in making it all possible.

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