“Unbreakable Bond: An Irish Mother Dog’s Undying Love for Her 6 Nursing Puppies Despite Abandonment and Chaining to a Fence”

Heartbreaking images of a nursing dog that was left to die after being dumped and chained to a fence in County Roscommon, Ireland, have gone viral across the globe. This poor 2-year-old lurcher was cruelly tethered to a metal fence post by her collar in a desolate field, alongside her six helpless puppies who were too young to even open their eyes. The poor animals were abandoned without any food or water, but despite being restrained by the tight chain around her neck, the mother was still trying her best to nurse her babies.

As per reports from the Irish Times, a nursing mother dog and her puppies were found in a field near Elphin by a concerned passerby on November 6, 2019. The good Samaritan immediately called for help, and the family was taken to a nearby veterinary clinic working with the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA). It is unclear how long they had been there, but rescuers suspect that they were abandoned soon after the mother gave birth. The manager of the ISPCA center, Hugh O’Toole, expressed his concerns about leaving a young dog tied up without basic necessities such as water, food, or shelter, putting both her and her puppies’ lives at risk.

He mentioned that due to the heavy rain and low temperature this week, the situation could have turned out worse, but he was relieved that they were informed in time to provide assistance. The ISPCA’s national animal center in County Longford conducted an emergency medical evaluation on the seven dogs. Fortunately, the mother and her puppies were not severely ill, except for going through a tough time with hunger and the freezing weather.

According to O’Toole, our animal centers are always overcrowded and have limited resources. Sometimes we have to use private boarding kennels due to the high number of animals waiting to come in. Besides, it takes a considerable amount of time to find responsible homes for these animals under our care. It’s beyond my comprehension how someone can abandon a dog with her puppies tied to a gate, and this has outraged animal lovers worldwide.

The ISPCA shared photos on Facebook of a composed lurcher and her pups, which received an outpouring of comments. Many expressed how heart-wrenching it was to witness such cruelty towards animals. There were calls for stronger laws and penalties against animal abuse, with some urging politicians to take action and revamp animal welfare regulations, as other countries have done. The overall sentiment is that enough is enough, and we need to address this issue head-on.

Emmy Lou, the canine mother, was rescued without any information on her owner’s identity due to the lack of a microchip despite being a legal obligation in the UK. The six adorable puppies were given names – Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June, and Patsy. The ISPCA will be taking care of them until January 2020, when they will be ready for adoption.

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