Unpacking Robyn Brown’s Desire for Monogamy and Other Warning Signs on Sister Wives

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives has always been known for getting her way, but recent events suggest that she may not be as committed to polygamy as she claims. When Robyn joined the Brown family, she changed everything and Kody Brown fell head over heels in love with her, causing jealousy and resentment among the other wives. Robyn’s power in the family was almost absolute, and by using her charm and tears, she could get her way. Now, with three wives gone, Robyn wants to keep her position as the only wife. This has led to speculation about whether or not Robyn truly loves polygamy or if she is just using it to get what she wants.

Sister Wives Robyn and Meri Brown on couch robyn making a face

Robyn has long faced accusations of being insincere, with her constant tears and excessive niceness towards the other wives. Despite potentially being a good person, she is not trusted by many. In January 2023, Robyn’s comments to People that bringing in a new wife would be disrespectful seem to confirm suspicions that her agenda all along has been keeping Kody to herself. Has Robyn been preaching unity while secretly causing division within the Brown family?

Sister Wives' Janelle and Robyn Brown looking miserable side by side images

It is possible that Robyn’s opinion on polygamy has changed over time, which is not a crime but rather a sign of maturity. However, it is also possible that she was never fully committed to the lifestyle and was just trying to secure her position in the family. There have been instances where she appeared to be causing division among the wives, such as when she demanded Kody give a treat to Meri during a family gathering. While her concern for Meri may have been genuine, it could also have been a ploy to make Meri feel worse. If Robyn is not being truthful with herself or viewers, it may be time for her to come clean. If she truly does not want to continue with polygamy, it would be a powerful statement if she were to admit it publicly and acknowledge any wrongdoings towards the other wives. However, it is unlikely that she will do so.

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