“Unwavering Loyalty: A Brave Canine Rescues Injured Friend from Moving Train”

A courageous canine saved his injured companion, who was unable to move from a train in motion. Despite the dire circumstances, the brave dog refused to leave his friend behind and came to his aid.

In Ukraine’s Uzhgorod, a heartening story of a dog’s loyalty and devotion has emerged. When a female dog, Lucy, got injured and was stuck on the railway track, her male friend Panda stayed with her under the passing trains for two days, ultimately saving her from death. Upon receiving a call, a group of animal rescuers went to the spot, where they found that Lucy was injured and couldn’t move. However, Panda was protecting her from the approaching trains by lying next to her and keeping her warm. The touching story was shared on Facebook by Denis Malafeyev, who said it made him emotional. Thankfully, both dogs got medical assistance and were returned to their owners.

Upon our arrival, we discovered that one of the canines, specifically the female, had suffered an injury and was unable to ambulate.

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