When Duty Calls: A Cop’s Unforeseen Love for a Little Pooch that Altered their Destiny

During a regular call, a police officer from Florida unexpectedly found a new best friend. The cute and friendly puppy captured the officer’s heart right away, prompting him to pick up the little furball and cradle him in his arms. What started as a routine duty turned into a bond that cannot be broken. The officer and the adorable pup have become inseparable.

Fort Walton Beach Police Department’s Officer Marcus Montgomery responded to a call from the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) regarding a dispute between the organization and a former employee. However, the officer had no idea that he would be leaving the shelter with a new four-legged companion in tow.

According to the officer interviewed by BuzzFeed, their conversation was coming to a close after roughly 20 minutes of investigation. During their talk with the director of PAWS, one of the supervisors stepped out briefly but returned carrying a sleepy little puppy. The puppy’s eyes were heavy and he yawned frequently, indicating that he had just woken up.

Officer Montgomery was smitten with the adorable pup as soon as he laid eyes on him, and learning about his heartbreaking backstory only strengthened his attachment. The puppy had been abandoned in a box at the shelter’s doorstep overnight and was discovered by an employee the next morning. After taking a few moments to cuddle with the furry bundle of joy, Officer Montgomery knew he couldn’t leave without him. He officially adopted the pup, giving him the name Kylo.

Montgomery shared that when the supervisor brought the individual to him, he noticed how tired and uninterested he looked. Montgomery then made it clear to the supervisor that he didn’t want the individual to be brought into his establishment because he was tempted to take him home himself.

After bringing Kylo home, everyone, including officer Montgomery and Vader, immediately fell in love with the adorable pup. The owner mentioned that he and his girlfriend had been wanting another dog for quite some time, specifically to keep Vader company and play with other dogs. However, they were aware that due to Kylo’s age, most people would overlook him and not want to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a senior dog like him.

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