When Duty Calls: A Police Officer’s Chance Encounter with a Lovable Pup

During a regular call, a police officer in Florida unexpectedly found his new best buddy. The officer and the charming puppy hit it off right away and he knew he couldn’t let go after holding the pup for just a few moments. Since then, they have become the best of friends and are always together.

Marcus Montgomery, an officer from the Fort Walton Beach Police Department, was called to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelter to address a problem between the organization and a previous staff member. However, he didn’t anticipate that he would leave the shelter with a new four-legged companion.

The police officer shared with BuzzFeed that their conversation with the director of PAWS was almost over after approximately 20 minutes. However, during the discussion, one of the supervisors had to leave but returned with a cute little puppy in their hands. The puppy seemed sleepy as he had been dozing off and yawning frequently.

Officer Montgomery’s heart melted as soon as he laid eyes on the adorable puppy. His love for the pup only grew stronger when he heard about its heartbreaking story. The poor thing had been abandoned in a box outside the shelter overnight, and was discovered by an employee the following morning. After cuddling the little ball of fluff for a while, Montgomery knew he wouldn’t be able to leave without him. So, without hesitation, he decided to adopt the pup and gave him the name Kylo.

Montgomery recounted how she saw the new recruit being brought in by the supervisor. As she looked into his eyes and noticed him yawning, she immediately made a decision and told the supervisor not to bring him in. She even offered to take him home herself.

After bringing Kylo home, Officer Montgomery and everyone else couldn’t resist the lovable pooch, even Vader, their other furry friend. The officer and his girlfriend had been longing for a second dog as Vader loved mingling with other pups. However, they knew it wouldn’t be easy to find someone willing to take on the responsibility of caring for Kylo, despite his age and gentle demeanor.

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