“Whiskers in Need: A Feline’s Plea for Assistance at a Moscow Store”

The mother cat is about a year old.  She is a charm!  She doesn't like to be alone, she likes to be around a person

A one-year-old mother cat with a charming personality is in need of a loving home. She doesn’t prefer being alone and seeks human companionship. The feline was abandoned at a car repair shop near Moscow while she was pregnant. Fortunately, an employee noticed her and rescued her from the premises. A week later, she gave birth to three kittens with an uncommon coat color. While the employees are currently caring for the feline family, they can’t keep them for long. Hence, they’re on the lookout for caring pet owners who could adopt them. Olga, the daughter of the kind-hearted employee who saved the cats, is taking good care of the newborns and their mother. According to her, the mother cat is very affectionate, purrs a lot, and has big, beautiful, and kind eyes.

Janczyk loves to sunbathe and is interested in everything that surrounds her.  Grow up very beautiful and playful

The Baloo sisters and their brother Foxy are now a little over a month old, and they’re already quite active despite their small size. One of the sisters, Yanchik, has a unique feature – a two-tone muzzle. Yanchik is a sunbather who loves to explore her surroundings, and she’s sure to grow up into a beautiful and energetic cat.

Baloo is a very meek girl.  Despite this, he feels good in the company

Baloo is a gentle and docile female cat, yet she enjoys being around people. According to Olga, Baloo’s presence is amusing as she turns into an adorable, affectionate pet that purrs contently. On the other hand, Foxy, a male kitten, is naturally inquisitive and curious about his surroundings. Although he is still small, Foxy likes to sit and contemplate. Unlike Baloo, Foxy is not shy and is one of the first to explore and leave the safety of his box.

Boy Foxy is curious and inquisitive, likes to sit and think

The little guy named Foxy is a naturally curious and inquisitive kitten who enjoys taking time to ponder things. Just like any child, raising a kitten requires a lot of attention in order for them to mature into well-behaved cats. However, these adorable fluff balls will undoubtedly bring joy and cheer to any home lucky enough to have them. If you’re located in Moscow or the Moscow region, there are kittens and their momma cat currently looking for a loving forever home.

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